Huu Lien - Northern Adventure

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You've heard of Ha Giang, but get ready to be blown away by the hidden paradise of Huu Lien, Vietnam's best-kept secret waiting to be unveiled! This adventure-packed journey promises an experience like no other, catering to the adventurous souls eager to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. From the moment you depart Hanoi, you're in for a wild ride. After a scenic drive through the countryside, you'll arrive at the charming Homestay in Huu Lien, where authentic hospitality awaits. But that's just the beginning of this adventure. Indulge in hearty local cuisine before diving into an afternoon of adventure, from motorbike rides through hidden trails to serene swims in Huu Lien's picturesque lake. As the sun sets, enjoy beers and snacks from the local market, followed by a BBQ dinner under the stars at the homestay.

Day two starts with a hearty breakfast, gearing you up for a day of biking through stunning landscapes and discovering hidden caves and a climb to a peak that offers fascinating and unforgettable views. After lunch at a local eatery, explore a historical cave that will blow your mind to what you'll see inside as you drive through it, before returning to the homestay to unwind and enjoy the sunset.

Evenings are filled with more delicious grub, beers, laughter, and locally made rice wine, with the option for a traditional Vietnamese foot bath and massage. On the final day, bid farewell with a hike to a hidden lagoon and waterfall, savoring the last moments of Huu Lien's untamed beauty before heading back to Hanoi by bus, carrying memories of an unforgettable adventure.

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