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Mekong Delta My Tho - Ben Tre Day Trip

Saigon's concrete jungle can be overwhelming at times, so spend a day in the lush Mekong Delta and catch a glimpse of this fascinating way of life for many locals in southern Vietnam. Whether on the back of a motorcycle driving through dragon fruit orchards or coasting along the otherworldly riverside of coconut plantations, make the most of your time in the Mekong Delta with a breath of fresh air and the picturesque countryside; not to mention all the amazing dishes you'll get to enjoy... You won't come home hungry or empty-handed!

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Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Trip

The Cu Chi Tunnels are an incredible network of connecting underground tunnels that played an integral role during the Vietnam (American) War. Hop on the back of a two-wheeler with trained guides or make your way by private shuttle bus and head outside the city center to the must-visit site. Freshen up on your war history and experience what it's like living and fighting inside the complex tunnel system. Discover the most popular day trip destination for anyone visiting Saigon done right: Off the beaten path, personalized and adventurous.

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Urban Explorer

Hop on the back of a bike and visit all the must-sees of Saigon along with the �behind the scenes� you would never be able to see on your own. With knowledgeable and friendly Vietnamese tour guides, you will find your way through many districts of this rich and vibrant city, visiting all the hidden gems Saigon has to offer, from underground, Viet Cong double-agent hidden bunkers, CIA buildings, Thich Quang Duc Monument, old apartment ghettos, Cambodian flower markets, Ten Thousand Buddha Pagodas and more! After just a few hours you will feel full of knowledge and flavor and like a true Saigonese.

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Street Food Tour

Led by a knowledgeable tour guide, this street food tour welcomes you to a whole new world of delicious local Saigonese street food and drink. Pull up a mini chair and prepare to tantalize your tastebuds!