Hoi An - Hoi An Hostel Local Trips

Hoi An Bicycle City Tour

The best way to see Hoi An and familiarise yourself with this beautiful, popular city. Set off in the morning towards the stunning ancient town and visit the local market, tailor shops and try your hand at making your own lantern which you can take home as a souvenir. Cycle to the central market, on to Hoi An Island and view the infamous Japanese bridge, snapping stunning pictures of the local architecture that makes this city so unique. Visit the more than 250-year-old Ancient House, buy incredible handmade silverware and jewelry or other souvenirs, and indulge in some tea, cookies, frozen yogurt and fruit from the charming resident family. Finally, head to our beach bar Kahuna's and crack open a free beer. Recoup with a laze on the beach, or head back to town or the hostel with your included bicycle rental for the day.

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Hoi An Eco Cooking Class

Get immersed in the bustle of the morning market, practice your bargaining skills when shopping and learn about the ingredients necessary for your upcoming cooking class on this fabulous day or rural country life splendor. Cruise along the Thu Bon River to catch fish by a traditional Vietnamese way of fishing. Paddle down the canals and mangroves of the Nipa Palm forest in a traditional bamboo basket boat. Pick up some lovable handmade souvenirs made from Nipa Palm leaves such as hats and rings. After the activities, play a Vietnamese folk game "bit", "mat", "bat", "ni�u" and meet the chefs who will introduce you to the Vietnamese cultural cuisine. Afterward, keep a recipe book so you can impress your friends and family with a lovely Vietnamese meal.

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Hoi An Basket Boats Trip

Start the day cycling to the pristine Eco Village and Coconut farms on the beautiful river that winds its way through the UNESCO town of Hoi An. Board a traditional bamboo basket boat and float through the mangrove forest with your friendly, local guide. Hold on tight as they spin you in circles and learn how to craft souvenirs from the coconuts leaves. Try your hand at crab fishing like a local, and paddling a bamboo basket boat yourself. Return to the village for a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee, and relax before playing a traditional Vietnamese game: bit mat bat ni�u. Then it's back on the bikes for a relaxing cycle back to the hostel for a dip in the pool or a trip into the old town as you have use of the bicycles until 8 pm!

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Hoi An Cham Island

Make your way via private speedboat to Cham Island, flush with your very own western and local Vietnamese guide. Soak it all in; from the fishing harbor and markets, the museum of pickled fish, the lucky well and the Hai Tang pagoda. Get adventurous and try some fresh sea urchin, clams or scallops before heading back on the boat to snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters and take in the breathtaking views of the Cham Islands. Head to the beach to play some volleyball, relax in hammocks and have a delicious lunch and afternoon of beachside bevies.

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Ba Na Hills

Discovered centuries ago, Ba Na Hills is located in the Central strip of land with a cool climate all year round. Only over the past 10 years, Ba Na Hills has become well-known for the complex of tourism projects, thereby winning the title of "Vietnam's leading tourist zone" for 4 consecutive years from 2014 – 2017. It is home to the famous Golden Hands Bridge as well as its very own theme park.

Sup Monkey

Come join us on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) adventure. Experience for yourself why stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water activity around. Together we will explore the beautiful waterways around Hoi An discovering hidden gems few tourists get the opportunity to see. Observe the flow of local life on the river including: old ladies gathering clams, traditional drop nets, fisherman collecting their traps and setting nets. Also on show is the local fauna and flora including lotus, water hyacinth, water buffalo, white-breasted kingfishers and much more.

Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is arguably the most iconic stretch of road in Vietnam, and is renowned for its scenic beauty. Made famous by the BBC motoring programme Top Gear in 2008, the pass was dubbed "A deserted ribbon of perfection - one of the best cost roads in the world" and is an absolute must during any Vietnam visit.


The pass crosses over a spur of the Truong Son (Annamite) range that emerges from the West and just into the South China Sea, forming the Hai Van Peninsula and the adjoining Son Tra Island. The pass, which once formed the boundary between the kingdoms of Dai Viet and Champa, also forms a boundary between the climates of Northern and Southern Vietnam, sheltering the city of Da Nang from the "Chinese Winds" that blow in from the Northwest.