The famous Lantern City

by Viet Doan, 11/1/2019

The famous Lantern City 


Greetings from The Lantern City, or more officially known as Hoi An! 

Formerly known as Fai-fo or Faifoo, this well-preserved city was noted in 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage site and recently named the best city in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. The city was described as a charming city with ancient roots, distinct architecture, contagious energy and arguably one of the best street food scenes on the planet.

Located along the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An is easily visited all year round; even if it's a bit wet during the rainy season. Let us take you on a journey of unforgettable moments in Hoi An!


Explore the Ancient City

It is so easy to arrive in Hoi An and let the relaxed, slow-paced atmosphere wash over you. Spend days wandering the narrow alleys of the ancient town, relax on the beach or by the pool with a cocktail in hand and just forget everything. However, there are some quite notable activities you should definitely consider during your time here.

The most popular activity is to get a bicycle and explore the ancient town, learn about the history and the cultures that make Hoi An what it is today. At the Eastern end of the town you’ll find the central market, arrive early to witness all the exciting actions that happen at this market during its primed period.

If you are lucky enough to visit Hoi An during its rice season (2-3 crops a year with August-September is the best time to visit) you will find yourself surrounded by lush green/golden rice paddies around town, make your way through the many small roads cutting through the rice paddies, you might even get to play with some water buffalos, one of the many symbols of Vietnam.


Unwind on beautiful beaches

One of the nicer beaches in Hoi An, An Bang beach is where you’ll likely be getting your tan on and playing with the waves. It is fast becoming one of the main tourist hot spots in Hoi An, and is surrounded by restaurants, bars and beach clubs right on the beach.

Nestled between An Bang and Cua Dai beach, Kahuna’s beach club is a hidden gem. If you are looking for a laid back day lounging by the beach or hanging out by the pool, come join us at Kahuna's Hoi An beach club for delicious food, a wide variety of refreshing drinks and cocktails and plenty of fun in the sun. We’ve got paddleboards, beach lounges, a freshwater pool, beach party and so much more.


Fill your belly

If you are a foodie, you’re certainly in for a treat, besides offering a variety of street food at your pleasure, being so close to the beach certainly has its perks, fresh catch of the day with very reasonable price will surely indulge your stomach.

Tips: don’t be shy, pull up a plastic stool, sit and enjoy the many local delights Hoi An has to offer on the streets.

And if you fancy some fine dining experience, head over to some of the famous restaurants along the river, you will also find numbers of western restaurants if you fancy: Korean, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Spanish, and Greek cuisine.


Custom made fashion 

Hoi An is famous for numerous tailor shops offering high-quality fabrics at very reasonable prices compared to back home. Whether it’s a suit, dress or leather shoes and belts, Hoi An tailors can replicate the exact outfit from any catalogue.