7 reasons to visit sunny Mui Ne

by Zach Klein, 10/31/2019

7 reasons to visit sunny Mui Ne

Hello from sunny and sandy Mui Ne! 

If travellers are looking for a nice little Vietnamese beach town with a healthy mix of tourist attractions and comforts, along with traditional fishing town life, then this is the place! Here in Mui Ne we're famous for the idyllic sand dunes, kiteboarding and surfing, amazing local seafood and great weather! 


1. Sand Dune adventures

Marvel at the stunning views of the rolling Red and White Sand Dunes. The Red dunes are very easy to get to and offer a great view of the surrounding town and sea; however, it is the White Sand Dunes that really are the star of the show.

Head out to the White Dunes in old Russian army jeeps and explore the rolling hills resembling the Sahara desert, complete with its own Oasis. If jeeps are not exciting enough for you, for a little extra you can jump on a quad bike to zip around the dunes. If you don't want to spend the extra cash, you can role-play as a desert nomad and try to climb them yourselves. Any time of the day is great to explore the dunes, but we do have to say visiting for sunrise or sunset is a magical highlight.

When taking the jeeps to the dunes, it is also recommended to have a stop at the picturesque Fairy Stream. Tucked away off the main road, it’s a lovely little walk in a small canyon in ankle-deep water. If you make it all the way to the end you can find a nice waterfall and deeper spots to take a quick swim!


2. 10km of sunny beach

The other side of Mui Ne (otherwise known as Ham Tien) is a 10km long beach strip where you'll find the majority of guesthouses, backpacker hostels and beachfront hotels. This is also the easiest place to find some good local seafood, western restaurants, bars, clubs and all the other usual fun you would expect from a beach town. With how stretched out things are, it is recommended to get a bicycle or taxi anywhere you need to go, walking can sometimes take a very long time! 

Just about any time of year is wonderful in Mui Ne. You can expect 30-degree weather and blue skies year-round! In late summer and early winter you can expect the odd tropical storm and a bit of rainy weather, but it usually passes quickly and not nearly as bad as most other places in Vietnam. 

It is very easy to arrive in Mui Ne and let the relaxed atmosphere, warm weather and sea breeze wash over you, and to spend a few days relaxing beach or poolside with a cocktail in hand. However there are some quite notable sights, water sports and excursions you should definitely mark down during your time here!


3. The best kite-boarding in Vietnam

Mui Ne is the #1 destination in Vietnam for lovers of surf, windsurfing and kite-boarding. As of writing this in October, we are just now entering the prime season for kite-boarding, as the winds are changing and providing fantastic conditions for experienced boarders, as well as novices. Whilst it may seem a bit out-of-budget for most shoe-string backpackers, we think you'll find the prices quite reasonable compared to most other places around SE Asia and the world. 


4. Twinking fishing town 

When first arriving in Mui Ne, you'll find 2 very different sides of town. The first being Mui Ne proper, a still very traditional Viet fishing town sat on a peninsula jutting out towards the ocean. Taking a walk or scooter ride through town gives a great glimpse of local life, seeing the fishmongers at the market and the fishermen getting ready for their nightly journey out to sea. When the sun sets in Mui Ne, a beautiful twinkling city of lights comes to life on the horizon. As popular a destination as Mui Ne is, the town itself is usually devoid of tourists, if you want to spend a day exploring the town, it’s likely that you will be the only tourist you see! 


5. Seafood heaven

Seafood lovers prepare yourself, the local Seafood in Mui Ne is an unreal and an absolute must-try. As one of the best examples of traditional fishing towns, there is some incredibly tasty and exotic food to find along the main strip, usually for quite cheap local prices! If you want to get more hands-on try one of the local cooking schools as well!


6. Off the beaten path Phan Rang

You might also want to look into a day trip up to Phan Rang,  one of the many hidden gems in Vietnam that might make it onto the official backpacker trail in the next few years. One of the best trips now on offer in Mui Ne is the Hidden Green tour, which is an all-day adventure from Mui Ne, to Phan Rang and back,  visiting local vineyards, ancient temples, mountain villages and even some fantastic snorkelling as well as cliff jumping at a great little mountain waterfall. Not very well known to tourists at the moment, but highly recommended! 


7. Motorbike adventures

The mountain road between Mui Ne and Dalat has been a favourite of the motorbike riders for years, and arguably the best ride in Southern Vietnam. The local easyrider tour guides have opened up options for travellers who want to skip the long bus ride and get out off the beaten path. For either experienced riders or those that just want a little taste of Vietnam on the back of a motorbike, this is a route well worth looking into.