Let's Go Ninhvana!

by Jason Cleverly, 10/31/2019

Let’s Go Ninhvana!

If you’re after a break from your flying visit through Vietnam, Ninhvana offers a healthy mix of daily activities, relaxation in the sun and debauchery. Located in the middle of a traditional fishing village, on the edge of one of the country’s largest national parks, Ninhvana is paradise!

When first arriving in Ninhvana, you are greeted by a stunning view of the Ninh Van bay, fishing boats, islands and a backdrop of green hills, palm trees and waterfalls.

A custom built open air resort with private beachside bungalows.

By day, you have the choice of lazing by the pool in hammocks, catching some sun on the day beds or relaxing on the deck chairs on the beach.

For the more adventurous, join one of the many free activities; morning SUP & yoga, cliff jumping from our 8 meter drop into the ocean, volleyball, football, table tennis, basketball or jungle trekking through the national park to a stunning waterfall.

Although it is so tempting to melt away the days, poolside in the sun with a cold beer in hand, you simply have to visit the local village.
It’s only a short 5 minute walk to Ninh Van fishing village where you can sample locally caught seafood, watch as they harvest peanuts, dry seaweed or bring in the day’s catch. Walk the streets as the local children run out to practice their English and give high fives.

Speak to the Ninhvana team and organize a day trip on a local fishing boat and truly see what it feels like to be one with the environment; or join the hostel tour of the bia hoi’s and become part of the tiny village nightlife.

As the sun goes down, join the party as the DJ’s come out from hiding, the games begin and the music really starts to pump.

Whatever your idea of a perfect Vietnamese holiday? Ninhvana is the answer.

Sun, Sand, Nature, Adventure, Party and Relaxation.