Yes, Vietnam is a great country to travel all year round depending on the region – but if you ask us which time of the year we like to travel most, it’s definitely the month of September!

Here’s why:
It’s low season. During the summer, many domestic tourists are travelling to Vietnam’s top destinations, mountains and beaches to escape the heat. Also many international travellers on their long summer holidays come to Vietnam during this time. But by September, schools everywhere have started again and there are noticeably less tourists throughout the country.

That means prices get lower and many places offer great discounts for travellers during early autumn. You are less likely to be faced with booked out hostels/hotels, tours and transport including flights. You can travel cheaper and in a more relaxed way. In November/December, prices tend to increase again when high season starts with Western tourists spending Christmas and New Years in Southeast Asia. Around February, it’s the season for domestic tourists again when during the usual week-long Hoan-Kiem-Lake-HanoiLunar New Year (TET) celebrations many hostels/hotels are fully booked and prices can even double.

The weather is great in September. Overall, it’s one of the best times to travel the whole country from North to South with its different weather patterns. The North has four distinctive seasons; while in the South temperatures remain constant all year round, with heavy (but mostly short lasting) rainfalls especially from June to August.

Take the capital Hanoi in the North for instance, in summer it can get quite hot and humid, in autumn you get the most enjoyable temperatures with mostly blue skies, before the city gets fresh and cold during December and January.



Sapa and other destinations in the Northern Highlands are perfect for trekking tours in September, with less rain, sunny days and the nights are cool but not too cold. September is also rice-harvesting season in Sapa, so perfect photo ops of the beautiful views over golden rice terraced fields!

September and October offer good chances for nice, warm days and clear skies in Halong Bay. Autumn is also a great time for outdoor and adventure activities, whetIMG_8863her it be hiking, cycling, climbing or kayaking. It’s also one of the best times for motorbike tours.

September is also an enjoyable month to visit the old capital Hue and its surroundings in Central Vietnam, the crowds are going and so is the intense summer heat!

In September, you will also have the chance to experience the Mid-Autumn-Festival (Tet Trung Thu), a harvest festival during the full moon, which falls on 15 September in 2016. You will get to see lion dances in the streets and children carrying colourful star-shaped lanterns.

hinh-nen-trung-thu-dep-nhat-cho-ban (8)During this time you’ll get a chance to sample some mooncake (banh trung thu), a pastry which is traditionally eaten during the festival! September 2nd is a National holiday in Vietnam; it’s when the country commemorates the declaration of independence in 1945 so the atmosphere everywhere is particularly joyous during this time.

So here’s our tip: If you want to avoid the crowds, the heat and heavy rains and pay less – come visit Vietnam in September!


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