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We love to see the great images that our guests take while staying with us at our hostels or on one of our unforgettable trips. Show off your camera skills either on Facebook or Instagram.

Instructions for Facebook:

Tag your images with “Vietnam Backpackers’ Hostels” – like us while you’re there to see your friends pictures! If you’re in South East Asia, it’s a great way to see what happening at the Hostels.

Instructions for Instagram:

Upload your images with your Instagram app – once you’ve selected the image, put in your caption in the “Write a caption” section – then in the same place, type in the relevant hash tag – you can use as many as you like – we will look out for your images – and if they’re awesome, we’ll repost them on our Instagram Feed – and if they’re really awesome, they’ll end up on this site! You’ll get the credit so everyone will know it’s your image.

Full list of hash tags: 

Hostels: #vietnambackpackers or #vietnambackpackerhostels

Hanoi Backpacker Hostel – The Original: #hanoibackpackersoriginal or #hanoibackpackerhostels

Hanoi Backpackers’ Hostel – Downtown: #hanoibackpackersdowntown or #hanoibackpackerhostels

Hue Backpacker Hostel: #huebackpackerhostel


Castaway Island: #halongbay-castawayisland

The Buffalo Run: #buffalorunvietnam

Mai Chau Tour: #maichautour

Sapa Valley: #sapahomestay

Bac Ha Market: #bacha-market

Top Gear Motorbike Tour: #topgear-motorbiketour

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Backpackers' Hostel

"The Original"


Backpackers' Hostel



Backpackers' Hostel

Hoi An

Backpackers' Hostel

Ninh Van Bay



Because a Backpackers' Hostel should be MORE THAN JUST A BED! It should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and meet great people both that work there and fellow travellers. After all it's the people you meet a long the way that make the places special. The Hostels

A magic sunset on an awesome Ha Long Bay and Castaways Island tour. The people maketh the good times!
Ha Long Bay and Castaways Island Tour
OUR NEW AWESOME MAI CHAU TOUR & HOMESTAY STARTS TODAY!!! Wishing our first guests a great trip!
Crazy fun in Ha Long Bay!!!!! — at Halong Bay, Vietnam.

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Never a dull moment @ HBH!!!
The Buffalo Run
The Buffalo Run
This photo was taken in the World's Largest Dry Cave. The same area is home to the Worlds Largest Cave, Son Doong Cave.