Summer Special Offer! The Hanoi to Saigon Buffalo Run


IMG_0162We couldn’t be prouder of our Hanoi to Saigon Buffalo Run. Taking you to everywhere that makes Vietnam so damn great, many years of hard work have gone into designing this adventure. And this summer we are offering an extra 10% off for all tours starting in June, July and August!

Legendary Hanoi to Saigon 17 days 16 nights: 1120USD  1008USD 


Hanoi to Saigon + our original Castaways Island 20 days 19 nights: 1299USD 1169USD 


Think about Vietnam. What do you picture?

IMG_9212_1Our guess is that you’re envisaging ladies in conical hats working brilliant green rice paddies, tropical rainforests ripe for adventuring, and white sand beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Throw in a couple thousand motorbikes, some weird (but delicious!) food, and a couple of picturesque rivers and that’s Vietnam, right? Well… not exactly. Vietnam is definitely all of this, but believe us when we say that it is also so much more.

The French impressed their urban stamp on Vietnam like nowhere else, and the towns and cities will occasionally trick you into thinking that you’re strolling around Western Europe. You’ll find elephant experiences that easily rival those of neighbouring Thailand and underground villages equipped with meeting rooms, drinking holes and maternity wards. And did you know that Vietnam is home to the world’s largest caves?

IMG_0588Most underrated of all might be the Vietnamese themselves. Dynamic, youthful and fun-loving, you’ll also find that the Vietnamese are Asia’s most outrageous comedians… and give them the chance and they’ll effortlessly drink you under the table.

Getting to the typical highlights – rice paddies, rainforests and beaches – is easy enough. But getting to know Vietnam for what it really is and making the most out of your trip is more challenging. But why come to Vietnam if you’re not going to go to see all those great places that most people miss?

We’ve travelled up and down this country more times than we can count. We’ve explored each and every corner, no matter how hidden or inaccessible. And then we came up with the Hanoi to Saigon Buffalo Run, taking in the undeniable best of this country whether it is considered a ‘highlight’ or remains hidden and off the beaten track.

IMG_9654Remember those elephants, caves and underground villages we mentioned? We bring you to all those places, while still taking in the beaches and rainforests that have made Vietnam so famous. We test your limits with a motorcycle ride up Vietnam’s most spectacular mountain pass before white water rafting to the backdrop of cascading waterfalls. And those wanting an atypical Halong Bay cruise can add on an extra two days for our legendary Castaways experience!

Oh and worried about going at it alone? Well don’t be. Whether you are a solo adventurer looking to make some likeminded mates along the way or you already have your group assembled, this trip is guaranteed to be a fun-filled adventure of epic proportions!

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