Hoi An City Guide

Hoi An & The Old city

Hoi An is a quaint, unique town that you want to linger on while backpacking through South East Asia. Its lovingly preserved Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can soak up the surrounds by simply walking or cycling the streets. Along the streets of the historic centre are speakers which play soft instrumental music, that literally feels like you are in a movie. Hoi An is full of vibrance and Vietnamese culture, a must see stop on your backpacking adventure of Vietnam.

Once the sun sets Hoi An is set alive with nightly events. Music and dance performances often take place along the riverfront where people release floating candles as well as wishes into the Thu Bon River – a magic site to see. Shopping continues as you cross the bridge over to An Hoi island filled with night time markets.

The best way to get around Hoi An is by stretching your legs and exploring by foot, especially through the old town. Cycling is another great way to explore and get to near by beaches.

Hoi An’s beaches

Top up your tan with a short pedal out of Hoi An to laze over cheap beer and sunsets. Two nearby beaches; An Bang Beach or Cua Dai Beach are located 3-5km out of the city that vary in tourist numbers.

Hub of Tailor Made Clothing

Hailing as the capital of tailor-made clothing in South East Asia, Hoi An is famous for its custom made clothing. Temptations will be running high to get measured up and take home a spanking new outfit from a new suit to dresses, blazers and more. Scattered across the city are countless tailor-made clothing shops producing quality made to order items within 24 hours at a reasonable price. Allow yourself time for fittings to come away looking extra sharp.

Local Cuisine

Hoi An is a real haven for those people with a sweet tooth and interest in scoring secret recipes of local Vietnamese cuisine. Thanks to the French influence of the town, you can find delicious cakes and pastries on every street corner. The lively local markets are a taste of organic living, with crops being grown in the surrounding farming countryside. Tea is serious business in Vietnam, in particular Hoi An. It’s not just a flavoursome and refreshing drink, but it comes with a whole ceremony and practice.

Visit the ruins of My Son Ruins of the Cham Dynasty

Hidden in a valley surrounded by mountains one hour bus ride out of Hoi An, lies the ruins of My Son of the Cham Dynasty. The impressive Hindu structures of My Son now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site were badly damaged during the Vietnam War, still standing as a sight to see when in Hoi An.

Getting to Hoi An

The best way to get to Hoi An is on our Top Gear Motorbike Tour that departs from our Hue Backpackers Hostel zipping over the renowned High Van Pass. Made famous by Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear show, it is by far one of, if not, the most scenic drives in the country and a must do!

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